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    Branding that helps you stand out

    Brand Identity is who you are as a business or organization, and that statement needs to be strong and clear, resonating throughout all aspects of your business decisions. Whether you’re launching a new brand, or in need of a fresh update, we create a defined awareness between you and your consumer, for a lasting impression. Aumcore has launched brands from birth including Logo Design, Voice Development, Copywriting, and more. As a 360˚ marketing agency, our specialty is providing you with the full spectrum of services you’ll require to create or refresh an impressive brand Identity package.


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    Brand + Identity

    Businesses seek our branding services when they invest in a new brand or identity or rebrand an existing one. Some of these reasons include:

    • they have new company or new product coming to market,
    • their company needs a name change due to a business merger or divestiture,
    • they want to give new energy or strength to a brand or identity, or
    • they are celebrating a major milestone or business initiative, such as a company anniversary or employee program. 

    Over the years, we’ve helped businesses overcome all these branding hurdles.

    Our branding and rebranding services

    We help you develop your overall brand strategy, create your brand identity and implement your desired brand launch marketing materials. To learn more click on one of our core brand services below.

    Brand Discovery and Research

    • Workshops
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Brand Audits

    Brand Strategy

    • Brand Messaging and Positioning
    • Brand Name Development
    • Brand Architecture

    Brand Logo and Identity Design

    • Logo and Visual Identity Design
    • Brand Guidelines

    Brand Implementation

    • Brand Rollout Strategy
    • Brand Systems
    • Brand Extensions

    Our brand discovery and research services

    Discovery sessions are conducted to gather requirements, brainstorm, gain clarity, and understand the purpose behind what you do.

    • Workshops. We conduct discovery workshops with the goal finding your company’s competitive advantages and differentiators. The number and type of workshops vary from client to client depending on your organization’s needs. Our workshops help you with naming, determine your core brand attributes, develop key brand positioning and supporting messages. Our goal is to build consensus around these branding imperatives.
    • Competitor analysis. We conduct a high-level analysis of competitors and benchmark brands in the areas of brand identity, digital presence, and more. This important exercise identifies areas of opportunity and key differentiators for positioning your business effectively.
    • Brand audit. We typically do a brand audit when a company is rebranding. We understand some clients can do a brand audit on their own. From our experience, an outside perspective can validate findings and offer additional brand insights. During our brand audit process, we evaluate what’s working and not working. Sometimes a business doesn’t necessarily need a new identity. Instead they need to establish brand systems that refresh, energize and bring consistency.

    Our brand strategy services

    The need for brand strategy is not limited to Fortune 500 companies or for-profit companies. Any company or institution that is growing needs to develop a brand strategy that will support future growth. We help develop and formalize the core foundational elements of your brand. 

    • Brand positioning and messaging. Our workshop discovery sessions help capture your company’s brand attributes, personality, and positioning that distinguishes your company from its competitors. Typical outcomes lead to a tagline and elevator pitch that captures your brand essence. In short, it makes it easier for your sales force to sell more, provides clarity, context and inspires your employees.
    • Naming for a company, product or service. Choosing the weak name can hinder your marketing efforts. Through our naming process, we help you find the right name that connects with the people you want to reach.
    • Brand architecture. In its most common iterations, brand architecture falls into one of four categories: branded house, house of brands, endorsed, or hybrid. Our team can help you determine the best brand architecture system to help your company grow and market more efficiently.

    Our brand implementation services

    We create the essential marketing materials needed to launch and sustain your brand.

    • Brand rollout strategy. We work within your budget to maximize your brand’s launch awareness, reach, and engagement. We help you define your roll out objectives, identity your audiences and rollout sequence. In addition, we collaborate with you to develop your new launch story and rollout timeline.
    • Brand systems. Guided by clear brand standards, we create a cohesive visual look and feel for your brand. It also leaves you with a collection of reusable components that can be assembled to build any number of applications. 
    • Brand extensions. Whether you’re building your brand or growing your business, InBoostr helps you extend your brand across print, digital and online communications. From business cards to stationery systems, PowerPoint templates to social media templates, fact sheets to sell sheets, microsites to websites, banners to billboards, our team does it all. Read more about our website capabilities, digital marketing capabilities and building image libraries.

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