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2024 Q2 Promotional Pricing* in Effect

* Promotional Prices Valid until June 31 2024

All Plans Include

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Q2 Promotional Pricing Effective*
Pay montlhy

$130 $65 USD/mo

$300 $150 USD/mo

$460 $230 USD/mo

Pay 3 Month (Save up to 23%)

$110 $50 USD/mo

$260 $120 USD/mo

$420 $200 USD/mo

Pay Yearly (Save up to 42%)

$90 $37 USD/mo

$220 $96 USD/mo

$380 $160 USD/mo

Tiktok Shop
Tiktok Shop Partner Binded
Binded to TSP for Tik Tok Shop initiatives & support
User accounts - Unlimited
CRM accounts that Seller's can assign to other team members.
Shop & Listing Optimization
Technical analysis and advise on shop and product optimizations
Seller Account Managers
Assist and guide TikTok sellers in managing general accounts functions, with support in areas of Compliance, Shop management, Product Listing, Order & Fulfillment & Growth.
Shop & Sales Incentives
Eligible to access cash, traffic rewards and benefits to increase sales and support Seller growth.



Scale & Growth
Affiliates Partner Campaign Enrollment
Inboostr will actively support and manage your Affiliate campaigns through insights, analysis, and tools. This supplements your existing Affiliate marketing goals & actions.
Inboostr Tiktok Affiliate Partner Matchup
Boost your sales by providing your products to more than 15,000+ Inboostr Tiktok Affiliate Partners for Commissioned Sales
$50 USD/video Content Launched

+ % Commission
+ % Commission
+ % Commission
Tiktok Affiliate Center Invites / Month
Inboostr will actively engage and invite curated and prospective Tiktok affiliates to join your Shop's Affiliate product campaigns, based on your affiliate criterias directly within your Tiktok Affiliate Center. All you need to do is followup.




Tiktok Affiliate Center Private Messages / Month
Inboostr will actively filter and private message potential Tiktok affiliates through your Tiktok Affiliate Center to invite them to join your Shop's Affiliate product campaigns, based on the affiliate criterias and message template your provide.




Inboostr Managed Affiliate Center
Inboostr fully manages your Affiliate marketing flow utilizing Tiktok Creators and Affiliates Center for HIGHER conversion.

Optional: $800/mo
Up to 5,000 Contacts/mo

Optional: $1,500/mo
Up to 15,000 Contacts/mo

Tiktok Shop Paid Ad Support
Inboostr optimizes and supports on Tiktok Shop Paid Ad Campaigns.

Incentives Up to 5% of Spend
Min. $2000/mo

Tiktok Shop Paid Ad Management
Inboostr optimizes and manages your Paid Ad marketing campaigns. PSA and VSA management.

Optional: 14% Ad Spend

Optional: 10% Ad Spend

Compliance & Support
Support Guidance
Focused on providing specialized technical support to Shop sellers, within Ads, Data & Analytics, Campaigns, Seller Promotions.


2 Sessions / Month

Up to 4 Sessions / Month

Case Severity / Response Times
Refers to the classification of issues or inquiries based on urgency (severity) and the corresponding time frames within which responses or resolutions are provided by support teams.

General guidance: < 72 hours 
Business-critical: < 72 hours

General guidance: < 24 hours
Business-critical: < 24 hours

Technical Account Manager
Focused on providing specialized technical support to Shop sellers, within Ads, Data & Analytics, Campaigns, Seller Promotions.
Supply Chain & Shipping
Drop Shipping Fullfillment Discounts
Incentivized rates offered to TikTok sellers for using Inboostr Seller Drop Shipping services to store, handle, and deliver your products to customers.

5% Discount

10% Discount

Warehousing & Returns
Receive access to warehousing, storage, and returned product handling for TikTok sellers at discounted prices and rates.

5% Discount

10% Discount

Global Logistics Shipping Discounts
Incentivized shipping rates for LCL, FCL to TikTok sellers for China Export Logistics & Freight Forwarding.

5% Discount

10% Discount

Get Excited about TikTok!

TikTok ecommerce is a huge opportunity for you to grow sales and drive revenue.

TikTok’s huge & diverse community is not only active on the app – they are looking to shop on the platform.

With over 1 billion monthly users and over 21 billion hits on the hashtag  #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, It is the best platform for your eCommerce expansion.

InBoostr's TikTok Seller Shop service is AWESOME - helping launch from 0 to 1 to 10 their specialized and courteous account managers & expert teams lead the creator marketing charge needed.
Director of Marketing
FARGO Brands - Global

Mass TikTok Shop affiliate outreach
a breeze

Grow your sales with automated and targeted affiliate outreach.

Dedicated service for sending thousands of messages to TikTok Shop Affiliates, earning you hundreds of sample requests for your products every day.

All while you focus on your CORE business.

Affiliate Messaging Automation

Inboostr Tiktok Affiliate Automation Tool

Join 10,000+ of merchants on Tiktok Shop US

Benefit hosted a series of LIVEs and Short videos highlighting their launch on TikTok Shop from their boutique. They had an increase in organic followers and engagement just within 3 days of launch.

62.5k LIVE audience views

280k Total LIVE likes

2.5k New followers

Benefit Cosmetics

Rebellious Fashion

Rebellious Fashion understood the importance of collaborating with TikTok Creators and joined the TikTok Shop affiliate program. As a result, their sales increased within 3 months after joining.

x45 Revenue increase

400% Product sales increase

80% Share of Affiliate sales

Frequently asked questions

General Tiktok Shop

You need a TikTok Account or Phone/Email Go to Register to sign up Enter your personal/business information Choose your business type and submit relevant documents Wait for approval of your application review, 2-3 days Link bank account Upload products and sell online

After successful registration in TikTok Shop as a Seller, product information can be uploaded in the seller centre. Products uploaded need to be compliant with TikTok Shop product qualifications and UK regulations as unsupported products will be rejected. Learn More
1) Work with creators to promote products. TikTok Shop Affiliate programme helps brands and sellers connect with creators through commission-based collaboration.

2) Go LIVE, Create Shoppable Videos, Product showcase

3) Get insights on products and sales performance in seller centre: reviews, analytics dashboard
Discounts, vouchers, free shipping promotion/subsidies, incentive programmes Join campaigns ( get notified via newsletter about upcoming campaigns)
LIVE streams, short videos, showcase tab Click on product and add to basket Manage orders, order tracking, shipping, returns, and payment methods all within seller centre

We've driven over 211,801 leads for clients. Discover how we can help your business grow.

I would highly recommend InBoostr for digital marketing management across B2B and D2C scopes. The team at InBoostr is very professional, data driven, and focused on providing very positive results.
Marketing Director
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