TikTok US Shop Management

Managed Channel Distribution or Fully Managed Shop Solutions for launching, selling, and growing on Tiktok Shop US

Client Revenue

Launched & Managed
SKU's of Products

Global Team
Digital Marketing Experts

Tiktok Seller Support

Channel Consignment

 Local US Inventory

Seller dropshipped inventory, granting exclusive distribution and reselling rights for Tiktok Shop US.

* Does Not Require Seller Shop

USD $3,600 / Year

Channel Consignment

China Inventory

Products sent to our China Fulfillment Center. Inboostr managed supply chain for direct Tiktok Shop US resell.

* Does Not Require Seller Shop 

USD $4,800 / Year

Shop Management

Business Partner

Inboostr manages Brand/Seller Store and all Shop, Creator, and Marketing operations.

* Requires Seller Tiktok US Shop

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Shop Management

Strategic Partner

Inboostr manages Brand/Seller Store and all Shop, Creator, and Marketing operations.

* Requires Seller Tiktok US Shop

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All Plans Include

Get Excited about TikTok!

TikTok ecommerce is a huge opportunity for you to grow sales and drive revenue.

TikTok’s huge & diverse community is not only active on the app – they are looking to shop on the platform.

With over 1 billion monthly users and over 21 billion hits on the hashtag  #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, It is the best platform for your eCommerce expansion.

InBoostr's TikTok shop service is light years ahead of the competition because of their intelligent, specialized and courteous account managers.
Director of Marketing

TikTok Shop US Operations Management

Our fully managed Marketplace solutions where we launch & grow Tiktok Shops and Sellers.


Experience the difference with our human touch. Our dedicated seller manager offers actionable assistance throughout the process.


Stay confidently compliant. We ensure both your shop and seller practices align with TikTok’s standards. And when issues arise, get swift business-critical resolutions without the runaround.


Launch products through our Tiktok Shop Flagship Store, or through your existing Tiktok Shop account. We setup and manage your store, products, launch & growth strategies implementation, and customer support for success from the very start to the very end.


Growth and scale. We engage and manage end-to-end marketing to bring exposure to your products through content to drive sales. From Original content support to fully managed Affiliate creator management to Live Streaming – we do it.


Not only do we manage your inventory and orders when they come, but we manage your customer’s purchase journey from beginning to end, including post order customer support, while managing customer experience and your shop’s account health through reputation and feedback management.

Services are offered through 2 streams

– Channel Consignment
– Shop Management

TikTok Shop US Channel Consignment

Seller provides us with exclusive distribution and reselling rights for the Tiktok Shop US marketplace. 

Products are distributed, marketed and sold on Inboostr’s Tiktok Flagship/Channel Shops.  

This does NOT require Seller’s to have an existing Tiktok US Shop. 

Products are provided by Sellers to Inboostr at a Distributor Level Pricing and order’s are Dropshipped by Seller. 

Products must be located in the USA.

TikTok Shop Management

Inboostr manages Brand/Seller’s Tiktok Store from End to End. 

We manage pretty much everything else so you only need to focus on your products and brand!

This requires Seller’s to have an existing Tiktok US Shop. 

Our end to end services include:

Shop Management
  • TikTok Shop Setup
  • Integrated Marketing Strategy
  • Product Catalog Management Inventory Control and Optimization
  • TikTok Shop Promotional Management
  • Customer Engagement and Support
  • LIVE streaming setup
  • Host Recruitment/Training
  • Deep Content & KOL analytics
  • TikTok Shop, Seller and Product Policies Compliance support
  • SLA Priority Shop & Product Appeals, Support & Resolutions
Video Content Management
  • Content Planning, Development & Management
  • Scripts & storyboarding
  • Custom casting models/environments (Add on Service)
  • Short Video Creation 
  • 15 / 30 Short Video per Month plans
  • A la cart short video creation
  • Original & Technical content
  • Post production Editing
  • Audio / Video Effects 
  • Captioning & Subtitling
  • Analytics and Performance Reporting


TikTok Marketing

Paid Advertising
  • Campaign & Ad Setup & Optimization
  • Demographic, Keywords, Interest, User Intent Targeting
Affiliates & Creator Outreach & Management
  • Product Marketing & Sales Strategy – Build creative concepts tailored for your brand and marketing objectives
  • Find the right TikTok creators & affiliates to amplify your brand, shop & product campaigns
  • Creator & Influencer Marketing Partnerships
  • Influencer & KOL Engagement
  • Affiliate Program: Setup, Outreach & Optimization
  • Comprehensive Affiliate Management

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