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🗹 Moved Standard Shopping to Smart Shopping campaigns, Furbo’s revenue increased 348%

🗹 76% higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

🗹 54% lower cost per acquisition (CPA) year over year


Furbo is an interactive dog camera that lets dog owners see, talk, and toss treats to their dogs remotely. It is the #1 best-selling interactive dog camera in 11 countries and the holiday season is the most important time for driving sales. Furbo needed to scale their visibility for prospecting and retargeting to stand out amongst the Black Friday online shopping crowds. They wanted to tap into the holiday shoppers’ entire journey seamlessly and efficiently to remain top-of-mind during this critical time.

Furbo saw the immediate need to expand beyond Google’s search platform. In addition to searching for review articles on Google, many shoppers were using YouTube for video product reviews, so it was extremely important for Furbo to be able to gain exposure here. With Smart Shopping campaigns, Furbo was able to reach prospects not only on Search but also on Display, Gmail, and YouTube.

Google’s Smart Shopping campaigns helped scale our holiday sales by increasing our visibility on the most important platforms in our target audience’s search journey. Our Black Friday sales increased by 300% YoY and Furbo Dog Camera was the #1 gift on every dog lover’s holiday wishlist.
Wen Chen Kuo
Furbo - Digital Marketing Manager

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