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🗹 Sales Revenue Growth of 109% after Management

🗹 Increased Products Sold by 74%

🗹 Generated an increase of Sales from PPC by 46%

🗹 Substantially decreased Advertising Cost of Sale by -29%

🗹 Increased Product Unit Sale Price by 20% over time, from $11.01 to $13.23


Branching out from Ebay, Amazon was a totally new playing field that we wanted the best team to work with us in launching and growing. I found Inboostr, and they provided the expertise, actions, and full deck of resources needed to get us to the goals we needed to be within a fairly short period of time. I look forward to continued growth with the team.
Cesar W.
Gator Electronics – Owner & Operator


Gator was selling 18 products in a highly-competitive niche. The listings of Gator on Amazon were scattered and disorganized. This issue resulted in minimal traffic, accounting for less than 10% of their revenue on eBay. Furthermore, Amazon Ad spend was reaching a very high ACOS that was not sustainable for the long run. Since Amazon is a much bigger marketplace with more opportunities for expansion, Inboostr had to take over the rebuilding and management of the entire account.


  • Fixing duplicate listings on the account and re-branding all product listings through Creation of new listing images and A+ Pages, Video & shop pages to build positive brand reputation and improve conversions & visibility
  • Changing the SEO content, image, A+. back-end search terms helped listings to rank top of the page day by day
  • Restructuring and optimization of existing ad campaigns to clean up wasted spend and identify opportunities for improving targets
  • Targeted campaigns made with reverse ASIN keyword research of our top-selling ASIN competitors
  • Making dedicated campaigns with top-selling keywords, low ACOS keywords, keywords with ACOS that should be optimized
  • Create coupon, activated sales price, deals, Off-Amazon promotional activities for low selling and excess inventory listings

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I would highly recommend InBoostr for digital marketing management across B2B and D2C scopes. The team at InBoostr is very professional, data driven, and focused on providing very positive results.
Marketing Director
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