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🗹 Sales Revenue Growth of 294% after Management

🗹 Increased Products Sold by 247%

🗹 Generated an increase of Sales from PPC by 282%

🗹 Substantially decreased Advertising Cost of Sale by -40%

🗹 Increased Product Unit Sale Price by 14% over time, from $34.32 to $38.97


We have been selling beauty products for several years across our boutiques. Get started Amazon 1 year ago and we attempted to scale our business through this new channel. We partnered together with Inboostr to increase sales while looking to increase Advertising spend and Advertising ROI in a more profitable way. They dedicate the time to make sure that they understand our business values, products, and objectives. Very commendable team.
Isabella Monteluna Beauty Srl – Business Director


Isabella Beauty was a family brand that started with selling 48+ SKU’s of core beauty products into 3 main European countries through Amazon, that complemented their traditional brick and mortar retail sales. The core objective was to build up and scale their online Amazon business by increasing revenue through this new channel. We partnered together to increase sales while looking to increase Advertising spend and managing the Advertising ROI in a more profitable way.


There was considerable high ACOS for campaigns and products, and an absence of high-converting PPC keywords and ad groups. So we looked to restructuring the PPC for more exposure to build brand identity, optimize their listings with relevant keywords, bid on the right keywords, reach out to new customers for more sales. We further had to look towards optimizing their listings to improve on core conversion rates and boost overall orders and revenue.


  • Analyze KWS for some of the top-selling competitors’ ASINs, and choose the Right KWS
  • Implement aggressive PPC to achieve the given target by using different strategies
  • Restructuring and optimization of existing ad campaigns to clean up wasted spend and identify opportunities for improving targets
  • Thorough competitor research to identify where our listing lags in conversion, and change the SEO content, image, A+. back-end search terms, Video
  • Create SP & SB & SD Campaigns for all Products for better visibility, enhancing brand recall, luring customers off competitor’s product detail pages
  • Create coupon, activated sales price, deals, Off-Amazon promotional activities for all listings
  • Targeted campaigns made with reverse ASIN keyword research of our top-selling ASIN competitors
  • Creation of various campaigns as well as optimization of existing low-performing campaigns
  • Daily monitoring and micro-level campaign management with new convert & negative keywords from the search term report
  • Tracked keywords’ ranking on each keyword, and make changes accordingly
  • Proactive inventory management to ensure there is always just-enough stock at the Amazon warehouses

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