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🗹 Sales Revenue Growth of 142% after Management

🗹 Increased Products Sold by 169%

🗹 Generated an increase of Sales from PPC by 67%

🗹 Substantially decreased Advertising Cost of Sale by -49%


We have only just begun working with Inboostr for 6 month, but their attention to detail and follow through has been second to none. They grew our organic sales far beyond our expectations as we were heavily reliant on Amazon Ads (making Amazon more money than we made for ourselves) for sales before we jumped on board with them.

Our account manager from Inboostr was uber communicative in all the right ways and help us find a solution to every issue. They successfully pivoted our business to show profitability by the 5th month after reducing our advertising reliance and improving our return on investment from ads spent, while increasing our overall sales organically.

They are also extremely dedicated to their craft - really honing in on a winning strategy before blowing your whole marketing budget on something that isn't proven. So what more can we say. We can't wait to see the growth!
Kitty Chen
Kids Mond – CEO


Kids Mond, an interactive toy brand, the core problem was the that the new store was fully reliant on non profitable Amazon PPC ads to generate close to 90% of total sales. Though it showed that the product had a potentially large customer base, the business could not be sustainable if they did not cut down wasteful PPC spend with super high ACOS, and transition to an organic sales driven model to supplement a profitable PPC strategy.

The core objective was to identify the cause of issues, reassess product listing, improve conversion performance, while developing a PPC Strategy focused on ROAS. The listing Optimization, promotion strategy would also scale up more organic/PPC sales through better product category ranking.


  • Strategic review of the competitive arena to find new opportunities for growth
  • Optimizing product detail page with SEO-rich content to enhance the customer buying experience
  • Implement aggressive PPC to achieve the given target by using different strategies
  • Restructuring and optimization of existing ad campaigns to clean up wasted spend and identify opportunities for improving targets
  • Create Sponsored Products campaign for better visibility, Sponsored Brand campaign for enhancing brand recall, Sponsored Display campaign for luring customers off competitor’s product detail pages
  • Create coupon, activated sales price, deals, Off-Amazon promotional activities for all listings
  • Targeted campaigns made with reverse ASIN keyword research of our top-selling ASIN competitors
  • Terminated low performing campaigns and created keyword-rich campaigns to reduce negative spend
  • Daily monitoring and micro-level campaign management with new convert & negative keywords from the search term report
  • Tracked keywords’ ranking on each keyword, and make changes accordingly
  • Micro-level bid adjustment to keep a check on ACOS every day to cut out the unnecessary spend.
  • Adjusted the focus and increased the Buy Box percentage that allowed us to get more sales

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