Amazon Account Management




🗹 Sales Revenue Growth of 2520% after Management

🗹 Increased Products Sold by 2521%

🗹 Generated an increase of Sales from PPC by 2022%

🗹 Substantially decreased Advertising Cost of Sale by -40%

I needed to scale up our D2C ecommerce business via Amazon and I am glad I opted for Inboostrs Account management services.

They stand up to their top ratings and with their effort and effective strategies, they helped us grow in sales why lowering our marketing costs by making our accounts run more efficiently.
Kelly Rogers
Scale & Instruments Nation – Ecommerce Director


Kelly was the Ecommerce director of a small US based national manufacture and distributor of Scientific and laboratory related products in the B2B wanting to expand her business with Amazon eCommerce to drive further customer reach and attain additional growth. But, without the knowledge of Amazon FBA Setup and Management, they didn’t have the inhouse knowledge or ability to manage and launch properly on Amazon in the US and eventually into Canada through a sustainable and long term approach.


There were mistakes with product listings, product placements, and with no launch strategy to the Marketplace. We had to start from the basics to reset her business on Amazon and help her optimize listings using search keywords, use high-volume keywords, and manage the inventory effectively across her Amazon US store. After establishing their US presence, we had to setup and manage their Amazon CA store, for a full North America platform marketing and launch directive.


  • Created bulk listings quickly and accurately.
  • Create strategies to increase your sales and ensure consistent brand messaging.
  • Managed and updated live product listings.
  • Optimize Content, Image, EBC, video for all active products
  • Create coupon, activated sales price, deals, Off-Amazon promotional activities for low selling and excess inventory listings
  • Built and defined a comprehensive advertising strategy that included a combination of Sponsored Product, Brand & Display Ads for better visibility, enhancing brand recall

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I would highly recommend InBoostr for digital marketing management across B2B and D2C scopes. The team at InBoostr is very professional, data driven, and focused on providing very positive results.
Marketing Director
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